$15 RGB LED Light for Videos and photos!

$15 RGB LED Light for Videos and photos!

Want some colored lighting in your videos and photos? This $15 RGB LED light could be perfect! Find them here on Amazon:

Exact Lights I Used (set of 4) on Amazon:
Cheapest I Could Find on Amazon:

DMX Controller on Amazon:
Wireless DMX Adapter on Amazon:
Rapid Baby Adapter on Amazon:


If you only have 1 light, you can use the switches on the back to control color.
The first 3 switches control RED. For just a little red, turn switch #1 on. To add more red, turn on #2 and #3.

For GREEN, use switches #4, #5 and #6. Just like red, you can use dim the color by turning those switches on or off.

For BLUE use switches #7 and #8.

To MIX COLOR use the switches mention above to get different combinations.


Connect your DMX controller to 1 or more RGB DMX lights using XLR cables or DMX cables.
If you’re using multiple lights, you need to daisy chain them together using the IN and OUT jacks.
Set the dip switches to the settings I showed in the video and you’re good to go!
More info on DMX can be found in this video:

Panasonic GH5s on Amazon:
Viltrox Speedbooster on Amazon:
Sigma 18-35mm on Amazon:
Benro Tripod on Amazon:

Aputure 120D on Amazon:
Aputure Light Dome on Amazon:
Falcon Eyes 24TDX on Amazon:
Rolling Stand on Amazon:

Deity Shotgun on Amazon:
Sound Devices MixPre-3 on Amazon:

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