July 2023

  • Is Spec Work worth it?

    Spec work, short for speculative work, is a practice in the creative industry where clients request work from professionals or freelancers without offering payment or a guaranteed contract. It is a controversial topic that elicits various opinions and raises important questions about fair compensation, professional ethics, and the value of creative services. In this article, […]


  • Aspect ratio – the guide

    Aspect ratio is a fundamental element in filmmaking that significantly impacts the visual composition and storytelling of a film. It refers to the proportional relationship between the width and height of the frame. Understanding aspect ratio and its effects is essential for filmmakers to make deliberate creative choices that enhance their storytelling. In this article, […]


  • Focal Length – the guide

    In the world of filmmaking, the choice of focal length plays a crucial role in shaping the visual language of a film. It determines the perspective, field of view, and overall look of the image captured by the camera. Understanding focal length and its impact is essential for filmmakers to effectively convey their storytelling intentions. […]


  • Movement – the guide

    Movement in filmmaking is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance storytelling, capture attention, and convey emotions. It goes beyond static shots and brings life, dynamism, and visual interest to the screen. Whether it’s the movement of the camera itself or the movement within the frame, understanding how to effectively use movement can elevate the […]