3 Reality Transurfing Money Manifestation Techniques More Powerful than the Law of Attraction

3 Reality Transurfing Money Manifestation Techniques More Powerful than the Law of Attraction

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This video will show you 3 Reality Transurfing Money Manifestation Techniques. Transcript below……

In this video I’m going to share with you in this video I’m going to share have it in this video, I’m going to show you three reality transurfing techniques that you can apply in order to attract more money into your life. I’m going to share with you ways of using these in a daily practice that makes it so that you resonate with the kind of money that you want to create. Your life’s welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video, we’re going to be specifically looking at how to use three reality transfer working techniques in order to create the abundance and the money that we want in our lives. Now, first off, let me just give a little bit of context for what reality transcripting is. In case you haven’t seen my prior videos on it or in case you haven’t read the book itself, that that’s exactly what it is.

It’s a book that was written in Russia by a quantum physicist whose name is Vadim Zealand. It’s now been. It’s been translated to a whole bunch of languages now and it’s becoming more and more well known. I think it’s one of the best kept secrets when it comes to the law of attraction or understanding the manifestation process and in reality it’s more so a philosophy or a way for seeing the world than it is just a manifestation process now. It has to do with a couple key principles of which I want to share with you because those will also kind of trickle in when we’re talking about the techniques for creating more money in our life. So the first main idea I would say it’s understanding the alternative space. The alternative space is the understanding that there are an infinite number of parallel realities that exist.

Now the DMZ Berlin was a quantum physicist, so this makes sense that this was kind of the focus and it’s something that I’ve been talking about as well, is understanding how to manifest using parallel realities and the major game changer this makes is instead of imagining that there’s something we want to attract outside into our life, like it’s over there. I want to attract that. It’s about realizing that if the parallel realities, if all potentiality is exists, the reality that you want to experience also exists right now in the present moment, so then the focus then becomes not so much how can I get that from over there to India here, but moreso how can I resonate with the reality of me that exists right now living the kind of abundance that I prefer to experience in my life. Now the idea is that we are constantly shifting through different parallel realities that looks so similar that we think it’s one long fluid type reality.

Now, this is also something you can think of when you think of a film strip. This is the film strip analogy that you’ve. You’ve maybe heard before that you have a film strip that you stretch it out and then on that film strip there are individual little frames that sometimes we’re very similar to the other ones because when those are going fast and there’s light being shone through it, it looks like one fluid motion like this. However, everything is always changing and at the same time everything exists here and now. This is what quantum physics shows us. This is what we’re really starting to learn and accept, which means that as I go like this right now, I am shifting through different parallel realities that maybe look so similar, but in fact they’re different and just to clarify this a little bit, if one thing changes, if that person over there or to move, you know, and the house next to me were to move like a quarter of an inch.

That would be a totally separate physical reality or a parallel reality. In the same way on a frame. You could have two frames that looked similar, but if there a small little difference, it’d be a totally separate frame and even if it appeared to be the same, a lot of times it’d be a totally different frame. Anyways. So it’s about this realization and what we can do is realize that what puts us on what is called the life track of us experiencing the parallel reality that we want has to do with our intention and our focus….

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This video is about 3 Reality Transurfing Money Manifestation Techniques More Powerful than the Law of Attraction