4 Simple Techniques to Solve Direction Problems in Reasoning

4 Simple Techniques to Solve Direction Problems in Reasoning

@9:10 Correction: Since R is towards northeast, we can say R with respect to S will be NE and S with respect to R will be SW.
@11:55 ERRATA: Please note that in this section, we assume straight to crossroads as east in first case. The question also mentions that park is towards the right, so we are including left -right in the question. If we assume the direction straight to the crossroads to be north, the answer will change. Therefore, this example just provides you a hint to solve questions based on straight and opposite. Otherwise there would be insufficient data to solve this problem.

Distance @1:16
Direction @3:50
N S E W @4:35
Left & Right @8:00
Straight @10:17
Sunrise & Sunset @13:08
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Dr. Manishika Jain explains four simple techniques to solve all problems related to directions in reasoning and aptitude.
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