5 Cinematic GoPro (Hero 7) Camera Movements | #2

5 Cinematic GoPro (Hero 7) Camera Movements | #2

Cinematic GoPro camera movements can make the difference between a good and a great video. This one is already the second video where I show you different cinematic camera movements after you really seemed to like the first edition. These are the camera movements we are going to have a look at today:

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1. Around the World:
It’s a really simple camera movement, which will make your travel videos and vlogs a tiny bit more cinematic. You only need a pole and your GoPro (Hero 7) for this camera movement. It will reveal almost 360 degrees of the place you are – with you being the main object in the video!

2. Side Walk:
This cinematic camera movement is even easier than the first one and it is not as overused as the top shot of your feet, which you see in almost every travel videos (including my old ones). Just take your extendable pole and hold it parallel to your feet while walking from A to B. That’s it. If you are with a friend it can get even better if your friend films exactly the same, but further away. Like that you have also other peoples feet in your image and your shot will look like the ones you see in the movies, really cinematic!

3. Circle Lapse:
This one is my favorite of this video, but it is the hardest to get. You need to have the GoPro Hero 7 because you need the function “time warp”. You also need very stable hands and you should be able to walk during a few minutes always in the same speed and motion as well.
If you have shaky hands like me there is an easy solution to fix that, which I show you as well. And if you follow all my tips you are going to get incredible cool and cinematic hyper lapses.

4. Fake Camera Man:
The idea behind this camera movements is, that you can film yourself with your camera moving (like there was a camera man), although you are alone. Take your skateboard or anything which has wheels (I give you a few more examples in the video) and place your camera on top of it. Give it a little push and then do in front of the camera whatever you want to do. It sounds very simple, but there is one big problem: No street is 100% even, so you will get micro shakes, which not even my GoPro Hero 7 could correct. Therefore, you either need a gimbal to get really stable and cinematic shots or a really, really, really even street.

5. Top Shot:
That’s a pretty cool cinematic shot from a perspective you barely see in travel videos. It can be made with all GoPros, not only the new GoPro Hero 7. This camera movement is pretty easy to get and again, if you are together with a friend, your result will get better. But also alone this camera movement can look really cool, as you can see in the examples I included in this video.

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