A Canon EOS M50 Video

A Canon EOS M50 Video

This was my very first time using the new Canon EOS M50 and it was awesome! Prior to this I’ve only used a GoPro or my iPhone for recording video. Even when I do my podcast, I normally just use either of those two devices. But since I just upgraded to this Canon, I’m obsessed now.

For this video, I used a simple editing program called Filmora (cheaper than most) and only used a few transitions with YouTube music. The slow motion captures in this video weren’t done in the editing process – they were directly from the canon.

This camera is super easy to use, even for a “camera dummy” like me. The flip screen allows for easy access to what your filming (or taking a picture of) plus it has auto focus and slo mo capability.

I did a semi-full review on the difference between the GoPro, my iPhone and the Canon. See it here:

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