Amir khan Gives Tips For Script Writer & Filmmakers | कैसे लिखें अच्छी स्क्रिप्ट | Join to Bollywood

Amir khan Gives Tips For Script Writer & Filmmakers | कैसे लिखें अच्छी स्क्रिप्ट | Join to Bollywood

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The purpose of Join to Bollywood is to give you information about the film & TV industry! And to open the way for freshers or the newcomers to get work in the film & TV industry, there are many different fields in this industry, i.e. Artist, Junior Artist, Anchor, Character Artist, Child Artist, Comedian, Dancer, Lead Artist, Model, Supporting Artist, Villain Action Director, Art Director, Asst. Action Director, Asst. Art Director, Asst. Director, Asst. Editor, Asst. Lighting Technician, Casting Director, Choreographer, Cinematographer, Color Correction, Director, D.O.P., Dubbing Artist, Editor, Fiction Director, Camera Asst., Graphic Designer, Hair Stylist, Light-Man, Lighting Manager, Location Manager, Make-Up Artist, Music Director, Spot, Stuntman, Fight Master, Production Controller, Production Manager, About which the newcomers are totally unaware once when you get information, you can get work in this industry and make your future bright! Our purpose is to see you succeed!

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