Amma Kannada Short Film | Abhi Gowda | Shuda R | Sai Jyothi | Chiru Gowda |Kanlish Media

Amma Kannada Short Film  | Abhi Gowda | Shuda R | Sai Jyothi | Chiru Gowda |Kanlish Media

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We cannot imagine a life without a mother. She is the beginning of all our happiness, and she is the end to all our sorrows. ‘Amma’ is the definition of Unconditional Love.
The characteristic of unconditional love is highlighted in this heart-melting short film ‘Amma’. To all those who love their mothers, do watch this film.

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Kanlish Crew:
Cast : Abhi Gowda | Sudha R | Sai Jyothi
Director & Executive Producer : Chiru Gowda Cinematography : Chiru Gowda
Producer :Sudheesh Sk
Music Director : Shrinidhi Patil
Graphics : Shrivats K Kumar
Sound : Nethra Gururaj | Parmeshwar Dom
Editing & DI Dhanush setty

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