APA PsycShorts You’ll Say Nothing (By Elisa Monti, Cinematography: Giovanni Fogu)

APA PsycShorts You’ll Say Nothing (By Elisa Monti, Cinematography: Giovanni Fogu)

The submitted video is an excerpt (1:48) from a documentary entitled You’ll Say Nothing (45 minutes – winner of the ISSTD Media Award 2017) addressing the relationship between psychological trauma and the voice. The purpose of this project was to bring attention to the impact traumatic experiences can have on communication, particularly voice function. This line of research is surprisingly understudied, despite the crucial implications it carries. Most of what is known on this topic comes from ‘psychogenic voice disorders’, disorders that occur in the absence of pathology in the larynx and vocal tract, that are generally associated with a traumatic event preceding one’s voice becoming severely hoarse or disappearing for no organic reason.
The submitted video sheds light on the definition of psychogenic voice disorder and shows a few examples (videostroboscopy materials provided by otolaryngologists).
Thank you for your consideration.

Elisa Monti

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