Aurat Foundation Women’s Voices Documentary

Aurat Foundation   Women’s Voices   Documentary

Aawaz is a 5-year DFID funded programme lead by DAI and its 4 partners, focused on accountability for a stable, inclusive and tolerant democracy in Pakistan. The programme believes in inclusiveness and citizen accountability, especially for women and minority religious groups.

White Rice aimed to express the depth and breadth of these complex societal realities by including the voices of the marginalized in our creative process. We produced a series of documentaries, animations on local elections and trained and assisted community activism by training community workers to document evidence-based stories through mobile videos. We also produced Interactive community training material for field workers.

The Documentary “Aurat or Aawaz” was inspired by Kishwar Naheed’s moving poem on women’s struggles for justice and rights. This documentary acknowledged the long road ahead for elimination of gender-based violence; but, also shared the journey, struggle and progress that has been made in laws for women. A documentary on Aawaz and their work was also produced.

An animated step-by-step process video before the 2014 district elections was also created to educate rural communities on the voting procedures. This informative video was aired on local cable TV.

White Rice also assisted in training and producing a citizen-led storytelling initiative called “Aawaz i-reporter” video series. The project was about encouraging active citizenship, by getting citizen journalism in action, where the public document their issues and present them to key stakeholders. From providing guidance on film making techniques, to reviewing and editing the final outputs, White Rice was involved throughout the process of getting these stories on screen. The short videos were also screened on local cable TV networks.

All the material produced is being used in training, advocacy and awareness raising across 13 districts in Punjab and KP.