Award Season’s Hottest Trends!

Award Season’s Hottest Trends!

Check out more of today’s hottest fashion trends!

PressRoomVIP’s Fashionista Chica predicts what to expect on the red carpet this awards season. With her eye on the right colors, textures, and styles, Fashionista Chica will show you how to incorporate these star-studded looks into your wardrobe… Click here to read more


Hey Ladies, this is Marisol, the Fashionista Chica with PressroomVIP. It’s the start of award season, a time to see the glitz and glamour of Hollywood take over the red carpet. The Golden Globes inspired me to predict these upcoming trends for the awards season, and show how to convert them into your wardrobe.

Metallics shined bright at the Golden Globes, and we think we’ll see more of this trend as awards season continues. Reese Witherspoon and Kate Beckinsale showed off their silver, but don’t be surprised if gold and brass make more of an appearance in the coming weeks. To grab this look, at a good price, we recommend dresses with bright sequins or metallic knit. Add a matching bracelet to finish off that star-studded look.

Maybe we shouldn’t talk about what celebrities are wearing and more about what they’re not wearing, because many stars showed off a lot of skin. Plunging necks were at full throttle, not just showing off cleavage, but letting us know which celeb’s belly buttons are innies and which are outties. You can find dresses with a lower neckline at many of our favorite shops, and In a color we saw a lot of: red.

Speaking of color, there was a lot of reds and blues on the carpet, but I think we should all keep an eye on the underdog of the evening: canary yellow. Leslie Mann and Naomi Watts both looked beautiful in this color, and I expect to see more women in this sunny look. This color will be perfect for spring, it’s light, airy, and fresh. Once stores start releasing their new season, I recommend grabbing a few pieces in this color. To review, get some metallics in your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to show a little skin, and keep an eye out for canary yellow this spring.

I’m Marisol, the Fashionista Chica, telling you…Oh Thank you! Thank you so much! Oh, you love me, you really love me.