#Award Winning #Actor To #Smooching #Superstar ll #Vine 218 ll #69_Opposites_Attract

#Award Winning #Actor To #Smooching #Superstar ll #Vine 218 ll #69_Opposites_Attract

69 Opposites Attract ll The Longest Running Webseries In The World is presented by
Popcorn Flicks in association with Naksh & Daksh Studios
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Streaming From 24 Dec 18 TO 18 Dec 24 l Original Indian Webseries l Six-Cut Feature Film
’69 Opposites Attract’, a satirical comedy, is styled as mockumentary! Shot in guerrilla-filmmaking style, for the 1st time, an Indian filmmaker fuses, Andy Wharhol’s ‘Visual Art Movement’ with Indian kitsch & pulp (Pulp Fiction, eh!)

LOGLINE: A fading superstar reboots his 6 films to find an answer to the perennial global question – Can a boy & a girl really just be good friends?

The plot is about guerilla-filmmaker & superstar, Honey Kapoor (Amit R Agarwal); as he turns camera onto himself, recounting his decade long rise and fall to superstardom.

69 Opposites Attract mocks the hypocrisy, the nepotism, the dual moralistic standards, the sexuality, the vibrancy & the enigma that the Indian Film Industry, better known as ‘Bollywood’ in the west, is infamous for.

Hollywood actress & star Dominique Swain, launched the webseries on November 18, 2016 at a gala event. With 1200 webisodes, it’s the longest running webseries in the world that runs from 2018 to 2024. It’s also the world’s 1st webseries set to get a 6 feature-film ‘cut’.

The series provides Vertical Integration in Entertainment Industry with opportunities in each of the four basic phases in an entertainment professionals’ career:
1. Training (acting, scripting, direction & cinematography)
2. Work
3. Press & Media
4. Awards

Team 69 is an amalgamation of the best in the Global Film Industry, we have already fused cast & crew from the Indian Film Industry, Hollywood & European Cinema. Cast, Crew, Producers & Investors worldwide that want to join 69 Opposites Attract – The Biggest Collaborative Creative Initiative In The World Are Welcome. Getting work in the Entertainment & Media Industry wasn’t ever this simple! Big hugs & big thanks to Harjeet, my special friend!

Harsh, Sucheta, Rasheed bhai, Firaag, Shihaam (Ricky) & Shahail (Shahid Kapoor), Waleed, Igor, Dumindu, Razin, Saabe; Shallow Lagoon Resort, UI inn, Coral Speed Boat, The Aquuz, Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives

Vijay Shekhawat, Priyankaa Jain, Himanshu Ranjan, Santosh Kumar Raut, Shiv Pratap Singh, Sai Somayajulu, Anusufi Anukool Bansal, Abhaya Rathore, Ankit Arora & everybody, who has contributed to 69 Opposites Attract, so far; big thanks to all viewers in particular, for the love / hate relationship, you are the best!