Back to Basics Tour Documentary

Back to Basics Tour Documentary

The ‘Back to Basics Tour’ documentary, created by CLIFFORD CLIFFORD Productions, offers an authentic and genuine insight into the world of unsigned and independent musicians creating and promoting their material in Ireland. The documentary follows songsters Greg Clifford, Barry Jay Hughes and Ian N. Brennan, as they take on a self-funded and booked 17-show tour of the country over 3 weeks, as they attempt to find success or solace in an ambiguous and cluttered industry.

The tour aesthetic was one of grassroots DIY graft, with an emphasis placed on pure, honest and stripped back acoustic performances. Recognising and working sensibly within limitations and parameters was key, as was ‘bringing music back to its simplest form… bringing it all back to basics’.

Filmmakers CLIFFORD CLIFFORD Productions embrace and embody the tour aesthetic as they venture into the unknown and throw themselves into the realm of possibility with their debut documentary. Dave and Greg Clifford, father and son, team up to create an important original film that not only documents new music and live performances but also reveals humour and traits indigenous to the people of Ireland in the various counties they visited. The documentary offers a true, unfiltered representation of Ireland and a captures a snapshot in time of Irish society within this cultural context.


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