BAFTA FILM AWARDS ’17 | fivethreeninety

BAFTA FILM AWARDS ’17 | fivethreeninety

I went to the BAFTA film awards red carpet – again!

It’s been an amazing year for film & more excited than ever to celebrate it with all these awards ceremonies.

Big thanks to my BAFTA partner in crime Robyn for freezing her butt off with me in line for a couple of days, & of course to all the event organisers & the lovely people we met on Sunday.

Time stamps for everyone I filmed:

0:10 Zoe Ball & Laura Whitmore
0:13 Cirque Du Soleil
0:24 Stephen Fry
0.26 Anya Taylor-Joy
0.30 Viola Davis
0.32 Eddie Redmayne
0.36 Luke Evans
0.40 Ron Howard & Bryce Dallas Howard
0.42 Julia Stiles
0.46 Daisy Ridley
0.51 Mel Brooks
1.00 Denis Villeneuve
1.25 Felicity Jones
1.27 Nicole Kidman
1.30 Damien Chazelle
1.35 Hugh Grant
1.36 Amy Adams
1.38 Andrew Garfield
1.39 Meryl Streep
1.45 Emily Blunt & John Krasinski
2.01 Dev Patel
2.09 Lin-Manuel Miranda
2.19 Dev Patel again
2.30 Andrew Garfield again
2.38 Emma Stone
2.44 Dev Patel AGAIN
3.07 Stanley Tucci
3.12 Riz Ahmed
3.16 The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge
3.30 Casey Affleck
3.42 Michelle Williams

Hopefully I’m one year closer to being invited to the BAFTAs & not having to wait out in the snow for hours for a wristband to be on the sidelines.




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