Beauty Lighting: On Any Budget

Beauty Lighting: On Any Budget

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Creating a beautiful image is not only useful for narrative filmmaking, it’s also a fundamental for commercial work too. When lighting for beauty, one has to consider the location and lighting limitations on set, all the while focusing on creating an image that’s picture-perfect. Any small amount of shadow could be enough to ruin a beauty shot. Today on 4 Minute Film School, we discuss the different ways of setting up soft and appealing lighting for the most fabulous commercial cinematography.

In this video, Vee from the A-Team walks us through 3 different lighting setups for beauty commercials. Our first setup takes place indoors and utilizes a classic white background, showcasing our talent and makeup product. Next, we head outside and dominate the sun by using a giant sheet of diffusion above our talent. And lastly, we’re back indoors to capture a gorgeous close up on both the talent and the makeup product used.

The main techniques we used in this video are to minimize shadows on the face as much as possible without flattening the face, know your location’s limitations, and consider the model’s skin tone. To minimize shadows means to add light to your subject. These lights can be added from a variety of different angles to avoid any shadows casted from the talent’s nose, chin, or even hair. Knowing your location’s limitations means to location scout. For outdoor setups, it’s important to know where the sun is coming from, if there’s power sources nearby, and to make sure the weather won’t cause any problems. For indoor setups, know what your lighting situation will look like whether you can use studio lights or if you need to bring your own. Lastly, considering your model’s skin tones means to simply light for different hues and brightnesses of skin. Each human being’s skin tone ranges from darker to pale tones which will affect how light hits and reflects off of them.

Beauty commercial lighting is an art form like any other lighting style. To perfect the visual look of beauty lighting, keep shadows off your talent by adding light, scout your location for any lighting and production issues so you can plan accordingly, and consider the model’s skin tones to represent their beauty the best. These lighting techniques can also be applied to other forms of visual story or commercial filmmaking.

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