Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2019

Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2019

What is the best video editing software for Mac 2019, this is (of course) Final Cut Pro X that is both easy to use as well as optimized. In this video. I’m sharing 9 reasons why Final Cut Pro X might be the right editor for you. In the video Iøm also teasing a new series about how to edit drone videos that I will be launching next week.

⬇️NEW Drone Video Editing Series:
1. Why Final Cut (this one)
2. Final Cut Pro X Intro
3. Match music to your footage
4. How to edit drone video
5. Make your video pop
6. Use transitions & effects
7. Speed ramp transitions & slow motion
8. Keyframes bring your footage alive
9. Drone footage optimized for editing

BONUS Episodes: The Secret Sauce

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