Black light Photography tutorial How to shoot with uv blacklight

Black light Photography tutorial How to shoot with uv blacklight

This is a Blacklight Photography Photoshoot Tutorial video. Tips and tricks on how to shoot with uv blacklight. Explanation of the aperture, shutterspeed and ISO on your camera for beginners included, and how working with different settings will affect the photo result. Working with uv body paint and uv make-up (fast make-up tutorial included), and blacklight lamps.

Ultraviolet photography maylook difficult, but once you learn how to do it, it’s so much fun! I spend a lot of time on this blacklight tutorial video (which is also my first photography tutorial), and made it a wee bit longer than most of my videos because I really tried to answer most of the questions about blacklight photography people sent me, so I hope it’s useful.

Stick with me until the end, before you send questions my way :).

Light I’ve used in this video:
uv lamp: Eurolite 400 watt Floodlight
uv lamp: Eurolite 400 watt gun
uv lamp: Omnilux 25 watt spotlight
Red led light
Red flower shaped lamps (to create bokeh)

Blacklight make-up:
Kryolan aquacolor uv day Glow
Kryolan aquacolor uv day Glow Cream

Other props:
uv blacklight paint
uv blacklight tulle
white showercap

I got my light equipment at , who have sponsored one of my other blacklight photoshoot videos before :).

Read my blog about this blacklight photoshoot here:

Model: Iris and Máriko Lukkezen
Light Assistant: Joep Nysten
Camera Assistant: Danja Zurek
Creative Director: Pieke Roelofs
Photography & Film: Pieke Roelofs Fotografie

The music (Eve, Atlas and Fallen) used in this video is not created by us, but is made by City Rapture, who gave us right to use their work commercially.
Check out his beautiful music at:

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