Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K: Complete Guide to Menus / Features / Sample Clips / Review

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K: Complete Guide to Menus / Features / Sample Clips / Review

This 2¼-hour video is the most comprehensive guide anywhere to the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K’s menus and features. For your convenience, the below index breaks this video down into organized sections, taking you directly to a discrete explanation of whatever menu page or feature you’re interested in. Just click the timecode link, and this video will start playing at that spot.

EVEN BETTER, visit for a fully interactive way to navigate this video, combining the full index, with a discrete video player for each topic.

UPDATES: This camera is now capable of shooting in Blackmagic RAW, and I’ve created a subsequent hour-long video that takes a deep dive into how it works using a plug-in for Adobe Premiere: And here’s my first film project so far using BRAW: Finally, here’s my footage and review of the Pocket 6K which has these same menus, essentially:

The BMPCC4K is shipping now via (B&H) and (Adorama) for a revolutionary low of $1,295. Looking forward to watching what you make with this: please share and follow at & by properly tagging your videos and adding them to the Vimeo Group at

00:01:16 – SAMPLE CLIPS/TESTS: highlight roll-off, holding the camera steady, internal microphones, rolling shutter, slow-motion
00:04:15 – TUTORIAL SETUP: an a7 III shooting the BMPCC4K that’s shooting the original BMPCC while feeding an Atomos Shogun
00:06:32 – TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLS: button-free, menu-free adjustment of most shooting parameters on the touchscreen
00:39:28 – RECORD 1: ProRes and RAW, 4K DCI vs. UHD vs. HD
00:47:41 – RECORD 2: Dynamic Range, Window Sensor, Project Frame Rate, Off-Speed Recording, Dual Card Slots, Dropped Frames
00:58:19 – RECORD 3: Timelapse, Sharpening, Record LUT to Clip
01:03:12 – MONITOR 1: LCD Clean Feed, Display 3D LUT, Zebras, Focus Assist, Frame Guide, Grid, Safe Area Guide, False Color
01:06:52 – MONITOR 2A: HDMI Clean Feed, Display 3D LUT, Zebras, Focus Assist, Frame Guide, Grid, Safe Area Guide, False Color
01:14:55 – MONITOR 2B: HDMI Status Text
01:17:14 – MONITOR 3A: LCD & HDMI Frame Guides and Opacity, Focus Assist type/level/color, Zebra level
01:24:23 – MONITOR 3B: LCD & HDMI Grids (Thirds, Crosshairs, Center Dot), Safe Area Guide %
01:26:30 – AUDIO 1: Channel 1 & 2 Source Selection, Level and Gain
01:29:23 – AUDIO 2: Headphones and Speaker Volume, XLR Phantom Power
01:32:08 – SETUP 1: Date/Time, Language, Shutter Measurement type, Flicker Free Shutter, Image Stabilization, Timecode Drop Frame
01:40:15 – SETUP 2: Function Buttons
01:45:29 – SETUP 3: Tally Light LED/Brightness, Factory Reset, Sensor Calibration, Hardware ID, Software version number, Playback All/Single Clips
01:48:29 – SETUP 4: Bluetooth/remote control
01:49:24 – PRESETS: adding, confirming, updating, importing/exporting, deleting
01:55:49 – LUTs: film log to extended video, REC.2020 and REC.709
02:02:50 – CAMERA BUTTONS: ISO, shutter speed, white balance, record, power
02:04:17 – DUAL NATIVE ISO: tests, and comparison between 400 ISO mode and 3200 ISO mode
02:11:25 – CONCLUSION

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