Blender 2.8: All About 3D Animation #b3d

Blender 2.8: All About 3D Animation #b3d

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In this tutorial I cover:
– Keyframe Animation & the Timeline editor window (2:15)
– The ‘Auto Keying’ button + creating location/rotation/scale Keyframes (3:16)
– Changing the Frame Rate (FPS) of your animation (6:53)
– Selcting, Moving Keyframes & Scaling & Reversing animations(8:10)
– Animation Tracks/Channels in the Timeline (10:48)
– The (i) Insert Keyframe menu & ‘Keying Sets’ (15:13)
– Setting an Active Keying Set (18:09)
– Using the Active Keying Set with the Auto Keying button (19:41)
– Preview Range (21:15)
– Interpolation between Keyframes (t key for Bezier, Linear, and Constant) (22:45)
– Camera Switching with ‘Constant’ interpolation. (26:21)
– The Dope Sheet Editor (view Keyframes for all objects) (29:40)
– The Graph Editor & controlling curves (31:21)
– Animating value boxes in the Properties Editor (35:03)
– Animating Material Color (37:00)
– Animating Text Character Spacing(38:46)
– The 12 principles of Animation (40:25)

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