CANON 1DX MARK II – 1 Year Review // A Cinematographers Video Perspective

CANON 1DX MARK II – 1 Year Review // A Cinematographers Video Perspective

The Canon 1DX Mark II is an awesome DSLR, but is it worth the money in 2019? In this video I’ll talk about the pros & cons of this camera and what I love & hate about it after using it as my dedicated camera for over the past year. Let me know what you think and if you think I missed anything. Thanks for watching!

Gear Used:

Canon 1DX Mark II:
Best Mirrorless Camera:
My Favourite All Around lens:
Best Telephoto Canon Lens:
Best Wide Angle Lens:
Cheap Cfast Cards:
Reliable Cfast Reader:
Spare 1DX Batteries:
Best DSLR Microphone:
Best Wireless Headphones:
My Favourite Gimbal:
Affordable Video Tripod Head:
Affordable Solid Tripod:
Best Travel Drone:
Best Drone ND Filters:
Best GoPro:
The Laptop I edit on:
The Affordable Hard Drives I Use:
The Affordable SDD’s I edit from:

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Video Structure:

Intro: 0.00

Pros: 0.35

Size & Weight: 0:37

Weather Sealing: 1:22

Menus: 1:44

Sensor Size 2:32

Screen: 2:58

Duel Pixel Auto Focus: 3:22

Colour Science 4:15

Video Resolutions & Frame Rates: 5:15

Bitrate 7:28

Still Frame Rates 8:22

Duel Card Slots 9:02

CF & Cfast Cards 9:33

Canon EF Lenses 10:22

Cons: 10:43

Price: 10:45

No CLOG: 11:04

Sharpness & Dynamic Range 11:45

Megapixel Count: 12:41

Video Codecs 13:20

4K Crop Factor: 13:45

DCI Cinema 4K: 14:25

Battery Charger Size: 14:55

No Audio In High Frame Rates: 15:14

HDMI Output: 15:35

No Flip Out Screen: 15:55

No Internal Wifi: 16:23

No Timelapse Features: 17:31

No Zebras & Focus Peaking: 17:52

Conclusion: 18:08