Canon M50 Solo B Roll | Filming Yourself Revealed from Behind an Object without Help

Canon M50 Solo B Roll | Filming Yourself Revealed from Behind an Object without Help

Canon M50 Solo B Roll | Easy Solo Solution for Filming Yourself Revealed from Behind an Object
Doing solo b roll is tough but rewarding at the same time. One of the more popular broll clips is coming close up behind an object to reveal your subject. Of course if that’s subject is you then how the heck are you going to do this solo?!!

This is just one way (I am sure there are many more) where you can be filming yourself while it looks like someone else is behind the camera!
It’s a great effect, easy to do (only some practice for smoothness), and is still a very low tech solution…which is a big win as it helps to keep you from getting GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). 🙂
This is a great piece to use as part of a longer b-roll sequence on your about page, mixed in with explaining how you developed a product, etc. It’s very widely used but most of the time you need another person to get it to work right…unless you use this one solution…

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