• Uniting for Creative Rights: The Importance of Joining a Union as a Filmmaker or Writer

    The worlds of filmmaking and writing are realms of creativity and storytelling, shaping cultures and touching hearts. However, within these industries, professionals often encounter challenges related to fair compensation, creative ownership, and working conditions. Joining a union tailored to filmmakers or writers can be a powerful solution to address these concerns and uphold the rights […]


  • The Overuse of CGI in Films: Striking a Balance between Spectacle and Authenticity

    Computer-generated imagery (CGI) has revolutionized the film industry, opening up limitless possibilities for creating breathtaking visuals and fantastical worlds. It has allowed filmmakers to bring to life awe-inspiring creatures, construct sprawling landscapes, and execute mind-bending action sequences. However, with great power comes the risk of overusing CGI, which can result in a loss of authenticity […]