Celebs give their top tips for surviving awards season

Celebs give their top tips for surviving awards season

AP Entertainment
New York, 7 January 2013
1. SOUNDBITE (English) Kathryn Bigelow/Director – on how to survive award season:
“Tips for surviving. Um, a day at a time. That’s the best way.”
Reporter: “That’s got to be hard to do when it’s every night on the red carpet, huh? How about you?”
Mark Boal/Screenwriter “Don’t eat all the appetizers.”
Reporter: “Why?”
Mark Boal: “Because you’ll get fat!’
Kathryn Bigelow: “And you won’t fit into your dress.”
AP Entertainment
New York, 7 January 2013
2. SOUNDBITE (English) Rachel Weisz/Actress: “I don’t really consider myself kind of a like a veteran expert on award season like I’ve been to the Golden Globes once, the Academy Awards once. I’m like a one hit wonder so I don’t know. Ask me after I go to the Globes on Sunday. I think you need to do something more than once to get a sense of how to do it. I was 8 months pregnant last time so this time I’m not pregnant so I’ll feel a bit different.”
AP Entertainment
New York, 8 January 2013
3. SOUNDBITE (English) Famke Janssen/Actress: “You know I was gonna say drink a lot of water but then when you’re stuck on these planes, these long plane rides and all you have is the really disgusting plastic bottles of water I don’t know what to say then. There’s really nothing you can do. Try to sleep which I really haven’t done last night either. I don’t know. Breathe? Which I haven’t done either. I don’t know. Eat chocolate. Now I know. And have a lot of caffeine. It’s all about chocolate.”
AP Entertainment
New York, 8 January 2013
4. SOUNDBITE (English) John Goodman/Actor (on awards season): “Pretty painful.”
Reporter: “Any tips to getting through?”
John Goodman: “Keep your head down and try to dodge every other camera.”
AP Entertainment
New York, 8 January 2013
5. SOUNDBITE (English) Tom Hooper/Director: “It really helps if you really like your actors you’ve made the film with because you get to hang out with them a lot, so get on with your actors that’s a good bit of advice.”
AP Entertainment
New York, 8 January 2013
6. SOUNDBITE (English) Jessica Chastain/Actress: “Surround yourself with great family and friends. Last year I got to go through this experience with ‘The Help,’ the ladies from ‘The Help’ who I absolutely love, we were here last year, and this year grandma will make a lot of appearances because … and Kathryn Bigelow. I’m so excited to you know to be with Kathryn Bigelow through all this.”
AP Entertainment
New York, 8 January 2013
7. SOUNDBITE (English) Amanda Seyfried/Actress: “Don’t take anything too seriously and always bring a pair of extra shoes.”
AP Entertainment
New York, 7-8 January 2013
8. Medium cutaway of Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal
9. Wide of Rachel Weisz giving an interview (with Matthew McConaughey next to her)
10. CU Rachel Weisz
11. Wide of Famke Janssen giving an interview
12. Push in on Famke Janssen
13. Wide of John Goodman arriving
14. Tight shot of Tom Hooper giving an interview
15. Medium of Jessica Chastain giving an interview
16. Medium of Amanda Seyfriend
17. Pan out to wide, fashion shot of Amanda Seyfried
Awards season can be a grind. The stars kicked off this hectic time of year at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards and The National Board of Reviews Awards in New York, where they doled out their best advice for making it through.
“Tips for surviving. Um, a day at a time. That’s the best way,” said “Zero Dark Thirty” director Kathryn Bigelow.
British actress Rachel Weisz, who received the NYFCC’s best actress honor for “The Deep Blue Sea,” said to ask her again after she makes it through the Golden Globe Awards.

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