Cinematic Storytelling filmmaking book review 4K

Cinematic Storytelling filmmaking book review 4K

Hello to another Tomtom concept art book review. Today we are going to take a look at “Cinematic Storytelling”, a filmmaking book by Jennifer Van Sijll that presents according to the author 100 cinematic techniques that every filmmaker should know.

You can buy the book though amazon with this link:

The book does a very nice job presenting those 100 cinematic techniques in a very simple and clear way. Some of them are quite interesting while others feel very simple. If you are new or learning the craft you will find this book very instructive. Specially because the author heavily supports on scripts and movie captures to present her ideas which is very useful for the reader.

The publication is printed in black and white, which is was not a problem for me at all, only in the brief “color” chapter. Besides that, this almost 250 pages soft cover book is a very interesting addition to any one whiling to learn filmmaking.

If by any change you plan to buy the book I would appreciate if you could do by using the product link I posted. I would get a little commission that would allow me to keep buying and reviewing more books. Thanks for your understanding.

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