Cinematic tricks with the Konova Master Pan slider |

Cinematic tricks with the Konova Master Pan slider |

Create stunning cinematic shots with the Konova Master Pan. An extension that fits on your existing Konova camera slider.

I had the privilege to test out the prototype of the Konova’s Master Pan (even before it was named like that). The Master Pan install very easy onto your existing Konova slider. Wether you have the K3, K5 or any other. After you’ve quickly installed it on you slider, you’re ready to go. The Master Pan lets you set a starting point and an ending point. When you then slide your camera, it will also pan in the direction you’ve set with the Master Pan.

The great thing is that your camera will make a very smooth and controlled panning while you slide. This allows us to perform unique camera movements as a one-man crew. In this tutorial video we’ll be looking at several techniques that will fit the horror genre pretty well. Horror films create tension to surprise the viewer. Having smooth and crazy camera movements can create this tension.

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