Cinematographer Rainer Lipski at the 2016 Band Pro 'One World' Open House

Cinematographer Rainer Lipski at the 2016 Band Pro 'One World' Open House

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An interview from the 2016 Band Pro ‘One World’ Open House in Burbank California with Cinematographer Rainer Lipski. Rainer, an award winning Director of Photography hailing from Berlin, he has been recognized internationally and has worked in 18 countries. Since 1999 he has shot 8 feature films, over 140 commercials, 30 short films and multiple music videos. In this interview we talk with Rainer about the projects & gear of 2016 and what he is excited for in 2017.

Rainer’s dedication and passion for cinematography started in the exciting 90’s Berlin art scene. Never one to do things half-speed, Rainer received 2 diplomas in filmmaking at prestigious film schools rounding out his artistic oeuvre. Immediately upon receiving his degrees, he started to work professionally as a cinematographer, camera operator and 1st AD. Driven by a love for the art, he continued his studies and received a Masters in cinematography at the Filmakademie Baden Wuerttemberg in 2006.

Recognized for his excellence and inherent talent, he received a scholarship for the master class “the Hollywood Experience” at UCLA in 2004 and continuing with his track record of success, his third year project, the feature film “Hastely We Hush”, premiered at the Munich International Film Festival in 2005. In 2006, his thesis project “Living iPod” won multiple awards including the Young Director Award in Cannes that rocketed his career into the Commercial World.

Buoyed by this success and recognition Rainer was highly sought after over the next few years as he traveled the world shooting and collaborating with 3 Golden Lion winning directors. During this period he also found the time to teach at the University of Arts in Berlin and has been a guest speaker at the Los Angeles International Film School.

In 2009 Rainer, along with his Actress/Director wife, relocated his main residence to Los Angeles. Since arriving in LA, he has shot 5 feature films, various award winning shorts and many high profile commercials. COYOTE won the Grand Jury Award at Dances with Films and got a Best Picture nomination at the 2014 Imagen Awards. Rainer continues to work and gain global recognition for his artistic viewpoint, professionalism, and dedication to his passion – the art of cinematography.

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