Cinematographer Vanja Černjul, ASC on Transitioning to Season 2 of “Marco Polo”

Cinematographer Vanja Černjul, ASC on Transitioning to Season 2 of “Marco Polo”

Cinematographer Vanja Černjul, ASC on transitioning to Season 2 of “Marco Polo.” Recorded at the event “Sight, Sound & Story: The Art of Cinematography” on December 6, 2016.

Born in Croatia, Vanja Černjul, ASC, earned his first cinematography degree from the Academy of Dramatic Arts at the University of Zagreb in 1991. Graduation ceremonies coincided with the first political and military actions that triggered the Croatian War of Independence. Days after graduation, he pledged his skills to reporting the upheaval to the rest of the world and joined the ranks of international journalists providing combat footage for international news outlets like BBC, CNN and NBC. In 1995 Vanja moved to New York and enrolled in the MFA program of the Tisch Graduate School of the Arts at NYU.

He has since photographed 20 feature films, numerous hit television programs and countless other projects with a wide range of collaborators. Vanja Černjul’s recent work includes HBO series “The Deuce” (David Simon, creator) and the Netflix original series “Marco Polo” (John Fusco, creator). His work on “Marco Polo” has been granted the ASC Award for cinematography in 2016. His other work includes “Bored to Death,” “Orange is the New Black,” “Nurse Jackie,” and “30 Rock.” Vanja is based in New York City.

“Marco Polo” is an American drama web television series inspired by Marco Polo’s early years in the court of Kublai Khan, the Khagan of the Mongol Empire and the founder of the Yuan dynasty (1271–1368). The show premiered on Netflix on December 12, 2014. The series was written and created by John Fusco and stars Lorenzo Richelmy in the title role with Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan. The series is produced by The Weinstein Company.

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