Cinematography Group Project

Cinematography Group Project

All of these images were shot on just a basic iPhone camera and used lamps and a cellphone flashlight for a change in lighting. In the first half of the images the lighting for the mise-en-scene is bright and doesn’t quite fit the nature of the object, in this case a person. The only place that this type of lighting isn’t seen as garish is in the extreme close up and close up shots of the person. However, when we switched to dim lighting with some backlighting and a flash, the mise-en-scene, although not changed at all, seems to fit the nature of the person better and helped us achieve the Victorian gothic look that we were trying to achieve. The angle of each shot was changed to evoke a different feeling from each one. For instance, the shot taken from below that looks from the person’s lap and through the bottom of the snake skull, is somewhat unsettling, the same with the over the shoulder shot. Whereas, the image taken from above while we were still using the bright lighting gives off a more peaceful vibe, rather than being threatening and ominous like most of the other pictures. Overall, we used a change of lighting and different angles in order to change the feeling of the same mise-en-scene.


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