cinematography | the legend of korra

cinematography | the legend of korra

(please watch in HD and please, please read the description.)

the korrasexuals | semi-finals | water

earth —
fire —

in my mind, there is no concrete definition of “flow editing”. there are so many different ways to approach and achieve the style of flow, and for the semi-final round of the probending tournament, i chose the style of flow demonstrated in the above video.

i know it’s not traditional flow, and i know that this is unlike what i’ve been submitting. however, i felt that, if this ultimately is the last video that i’ll submit for this competition, i’d better make this an entry i’m proud of.

and you know what? i most definitely am.

for this project, i wanted to stay as far away from any relationships (shipping, as us fangirls know it) as possible. because this series was not guaranteed a second season, and the creators had to cram everything into twelve episodes, the relationships are not executed as smoothly as fans hoped. there are clips in this video, however, that show the relationships between characters, but i’ve tried to present them simply in the light that the creators do, without any of my personal influence or manipulation.

i realized, while combing through korra footage, that there is so much more mike and bryan have given us besides material to defend pairings of characters with. each frame of animation is so painstakingly created and as a result, is breathtakingly beautiful. within the world of korra, there exists so much gorgeous scenery, such wonderful emotion expressed through the characters, and a wonderfully created plot line that the creators could have explored and developed further if they had been given more time.

each clip that i picked for this video is purposeful. each clip is from a scene which i felt was especially beautiful and deserved to be showcased.

i’m crossing my fingers and desperately hoping that my team makes it through to the finals.

amygdala | sienna skies
the legend of korra (all episodes)
sony vegas pro eleven
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