Civil Engineering Introduction Part 1

Civil Engineering Introduction  Part 1

This film shows methods, sequence and equipment to construct various civil engineering projects.
Includes SketchUp 3D animations to clearly show the series of activities involved in constructing a project and the plant involved.
Using 3D animations that illustrate how a project was constructed is an innovative way of sharing knowledge and knowhow gained in the workplace.
Projects include: Airports, Seaports, Metros, Roads, Bridges, Pipelines both onshore & offshore, Oil & Gas, Piling, Post-tensioning, Precast Yard, Quarry, Aggregate Production, Reinforcement Cutting & Bending, Roofing , and more.
The film is high in Engineering Educational Value and is designed to be easily understood.
Films are most effective in capturing someone’s attention and getting ideas, vision, strategy or messages, across in an effective and interesting way. Films can be used for Change Management where changes to work processes are introduced and communicated.
In this digital age it is possible to make high definition bespoke short films using inexpensive cameras and editing software at a low cost.
Films can be used for the following purposes – tender presentations, support for contractual claims, site inductions to familiarise staff and workers with projects, to show progress, illustrate construction issues with proposed designs, to evaluate commercial risk and for promotional purposes. The films can be shown at progress meetings, workshops, conferences and tender presentations.
Short technical films can be used for Safety Induction Training to familiarise new employees with projects and to evaluate risks and to perform financial and safety risk assessments.
Similar films are in my YouTube channel.


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