Close Up Shots that POP | The Best Camera Angles in Film

Close Up Shots that POP | The Best Camera Angles in Film

When classical Hollywood began, the close up was a special shot that really identified movie stars. Nowadays, the close up shot has lost some of its luster. Learn more:

With the rise in people watching things at home or on smaller screens, the close up has become a tool just to make people feel close to the actors without earning it.

What happened to close ups that mattered?

This video essay will delve into the art of the camera angle and dissect five filmmakers distinctive take on the close up shot and what makes each of them unique.

We follow Steve McQueen, The Farrelly Brothers, Kathryn Bigelow, and David Fincher across their work as directors to see how each gives a clever and unique thrust to the close up and allows the audience to come along for the ride.

We spend time highlighting dramatic, informative, and comedic moments all accentuated by the close up camera angle.

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