Crossfire Film Awards 2011 | Zetsubou Billy | EliteYoshi [CFFA 2011 Winner]

Crossfire Film Awards 2011 | Zetsubou Billy | EliteYoshi [CFFA 2011 Winner]


UPDATE 09/03/2011:
I am honestly amazed that I was a winner in the contest. Seriously, I am extremely content. It was honestly unexpected. Got the best editor in the replay category, which honestly, is an honor.
Anyways, we cannot forget the rest of the winners and runner-ups in this contest as well. Everyone did a great job. And for those who did not win, don’t quit. Perseverance is the key to success.

Oh, and haters, fuck off. 😉

I am finally done with this. I’ve been editing this on and off since last September due to my laziness, but blah, I decided to make it an entry.

Honestly, I’m done with Crossfire (at least until I get a better computer). I’m going back to doing machinima for a while.

Well, video details…
This is an entry for the Crossfire Film Awards 2011, an official video contest by z8games. I got a whole bunch of replays and just worked on what I could. Colors are not great, due to my computer’s inability (-__-) to run MBL, but I focused this video mainly on synchronization.

Even though this was posted on February 2011, the editing skills in this video reflect upon those back in September 2010. When I picked this up, I decided to follow the editing style, even if I was already better.

I honestly don’t expect to win. I like how the video turned out, but there are better editors out there. The group of good editors in the Crossfire community might be small, but their skills are quite amazing. I also may get DQ’d due to my intro.

Yes, gun sounds were manually added. Makes better sync and frame rate, and is better than listening to CSS Deagles or AWPs. So inb4gunsoundfail.

BGM is Zetsubou Billy by Maximum the Hormone. Yeah, yeah, flame, troll, whatever. /flameshield

Can I get 30 likes before the contest deadline? And sub! 😀