Cup of Tea #5 – Inspired by the techniques and films of Stanley Kubrick

Cup of Tea #5 – Inspired by the techniques and films of Stanley Kubrick

A few years ago I had a lot of spare time on my hands and asked myself the question “How would a particular director shoot a character making a cup of tea?” I made a shortlist of 10 directors who I felt had particular traits and styles across their oeuvre that I could most easily replicate.

The Shortlist was:
1. Martin Scorsese
2. Quentin Tarantino
3. Francis Ford Coppolla (not made)
4. Alfred Hitchcock
5. Stanley Kubrick
6. Steven Spielberg (not made)
7. Nicolas Roeg (not made – gutted)
8. Sergio Leone (not made)
9. Jean-Pierre Jenuet (not made)
10. Darren Aronofsky

Cup of Tea #5 – Stanley Kubrick
Now the way I really should have done this would have been to do it with years of preparation, agonising over the smallest detail and taking many takes over and over again, but I didn’t.
This is probably the lamest of these videos. Again, we have the blue and red titles, can’t remember which film they are from (Barry Lyndon maybe?) a crazy spinning shot, lamely trying to replicate the spaceship scenes in 2001 followed by lots of zooming in and out, used quite a lot in A Clockwork Orange. The music is Johann Strauss.
Then we have a couple of weird characters appear, (2001) fast-motion (Clockwork Orange) I went for throwing the teaspoon in the air then putting the teabag into the bin in my attempt to homage the famous cut from 2001.


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