Discover Video Games Visual Composition: Rule of Thirds, and Cinematography – Shadow of the Colossus

Discover Video Games Visual Composition: Rule of Thirds, and Cinematography – Shadow of the Colossus

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If you have played Shadow of the Colossus, you know that there are so many things to praise about this game; the soundtrack, game design, and philosophy they always stood in the spotlight. There is a multitude of analysis in regards to these topics.

However, it is very rare to see anyone talking about the camera and cinematography – which I believe was the main reason as to why the game feels as majestic as it is.

If anything – the camera got a lot of hate, and it is also a point most negative reviews will always mention; the camera always gets in the way, or; the camera is an enemy as much as the Colossus is. Of course, they are not wrong for that matter. The camera is at times does not work as intended – it often reset itself aggressively, it always got stuck behind a wall and when you are in a middle of a battle it can get really annoying.

But I firmly believe that a few of these errors did not discount the fact that the game features an amazing feat of cinematography. A camera is pretty much a narrative tool as much as the music and the mechanics are.
So in this episode, we will learn as to why the game has the sweeping, epic feel, and discover why it is an epitome of cinematography in video games.

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Editor’s Note

When I played SOTC back then in 2005, I was like 15 at the time, all that I know is that I simply love the game, it feels majestic, it feels grand, it feels epic – but I actually never understand why.

Fast forward to the present, when I replayed Shadow of The Colossus, I can’t help but notice all these things that went I clearly missed when I was a kid – the in-game camera and cinematography! Granted, I have been working as an editor for nearly 8 years now and I started notice to discover all these camera features. This game is truly amazing, even for its time, the amount of consideration put into designing this game is ridiculously high.

Anyways, cinematography and the whole rules of composition are always fun to talk about. It is amazing how a rule fundamentally for photography and cinema work flawlessly in a medium purely interactive such as video games.


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