DJI Film School – Hallway

DJI Film School – Hallway

Learn how to set up and shoot close quarter combat scenes in this episode of DJI Film School. Equipped with the one-handed DJI Osmo to get into the heart of the action and the Ronin-M and Sony A7S for night shots, the entire scene is shot in just one night. Also, don’t miss the wheelchair dolly trick!

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Written, Directed & Edited by – Ryan Connolly

DP / Ronin M Op – Josh Knepper

Stunt Coordinator – Trevor Addies

Music Composer: Daniel James


Leisha Auyeung – Woman
Josh Connolly – Scared guard
Ken Do – Guard 1
Loyd Bateman – Guard 2
Adrian Persad – Guard 3
Robert Zen Humpage – Guard 4
Brad Friesen – Heli Pilot


James Healey – 1st AC
Ben Z Cooper – Gaffer
Josh Connolly – Producer/Director of BTS
Brett Sworder – Production Sound Mixer
Allen Yang – Boom Op
Lindsay McMillian – Hair/Makeup
WhaBam Media – EPK
Levi Allen – PA
Terrance Mazzuolo – PA
Matt Dennison – PA
Luke Strahm – PA
Jay Stushnoff – PA
Tami Knepper – Crafty
Ally Toreros – Crafty

Michael Stark – Visual Effects

Special thanks to:
Seth Worley
Dan Trachtenberg
Andrew Kramer

Produced by Triune Films & Transposition Films


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