Documentary Filmmaking Behind the Scenes | Creative Spaces TV Pre – Post Production

Documentary Filmmaking Behind the Scenes | Creative Spaces TV Pre – Post Production

BTS of a docu-series I created called Creative Spaces TV | Watch now!

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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
Rodelink Filmmaker Lav Audio Kit
Manfrotto Tripod 755
Manfrotto Tripod Head
Canon 16-35mm Lens
Konova K2 Slider
Sony rx100 mk iii point and shoot
Other lenses used-
Canon 35mm f/2 IS
Canon 50mm f/1.2


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Brentwood, TN 37024

Music by Branden Owens


Q: How do you come up with the questions? Do you write them down?
A: I have a phone conversation with them on the phone before to get to know them better and then formulate some questions from that convo but once I’m there I just turn it into a conversation – no notes or anything. Really depends on the interviewer I think. But I’ve found they are most comfortable when it’s most similar to a normal conversation!

Q: Lighting?
A: All natural light. Traveling with a lighting rig is hard 🙂 HOWEVER – I do use a big reflector. Helps a lot.

Q: How did you do the title?
A: Multiple “Creative Spaces TV” titles in different colors spread out and spaced on the premiere timeline to flickr. Not a very graceful way – but no special effects.

Q: How does external audio stay synched through cuts?
My interview videos are each one big clip – so I line up via multi cam sequence in premiere. So click on the two interview angles + good audio and right click to put in multicam sequence. After that I LINK the video with new audio so they stay together when I start cutting and splicing.