DOCUMENTARY! New Trends, New Formats | UC3Mx on edX | Course About Video

DOCUMENTARY! New Trends, New Formats | UC3Mx on edX | Course About Video

DOCUMENTARY! New Trends, New Formats | DOCUMENTAL! Nuevas tendencias, nuevos formatos

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This MOOC presents the new trends and formats of 21st century audio-visual documentary including a brief historical overview. | Este MOOC presenta las nuevas tendencias y formatos del documental audiovisual en el siglo XXI. Incluye una breve introducción histórica al género.

About this Course

Videos will be in English and / or in Spanish. Transcripts in both languages will be provided. The assessments will be in both languages. | Los vídeos serán en inglés en español. Se ofreceán los subtitulos en ambos idiomas. Las actividades se realizarán en ambos idiomas.

This course features new tendencies and formats of contemporary documentary with focus on innovative works in an interactive and multi-platform context. It includes an overview of essential authors and genres, as well as the contribution of national and international scholars and professionals.

The student is introduced into an attractive and dynamic experience including videos, animations, and graphic art from a global point of view. Multimedia content is presented with an interdisciplinary approach and a cutting-edge vision. Resources and materials are related to new documentary storytelling in order to provide students with creative and efficient tools useful in any professional environment.

This MOOC is divided into the following segments:

Documentary film is in vogue.
Flashback: Introduction to documentary film history.
WebDoc: Reinventing documentary film on the Internet.
Cyberactivism and political documentary in a viral ecosystem.
F for Fake or false documentary moving to the rhythm of social networking.
Divulgative documentary: cultural, historical, scientific.
Creative documentary film in times of crowdfunding.
SpotDocumentary: New strategies in advertising.