Donna Haraway / Speculative Fabulation

Donna Haraway / Speculative Fabulation

This scene is part of the material which have been created to make the film “Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival”

A message from a liveable future, for our earthly survival. In it, Donna Haraway explains her practice of Speculative Fabulation. Which idea was at the origin of Narration Speculative & Fabbula and get explained here.

At Fabbula, we believe that a great field of storytelling for Virtual Reality lies in the practice of Speculative Fabulation : fables full of possibilities, figures, wild facts ands animals at work to unveil a world possible again.

Film :
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Film credits

Starring Donna Haraway, Rusten Hogness, Cayenne Pepper

Written & directed by Fabrizio Terranova

Cinematography Tristan Galand

Sound Nicolas Lebecque

Film editing Bruno Tracq

Sound design Frédéric Fichefet

Sound mixing Cyril Mossé

Music Laurent Baudoux & The Fan Club Orchestra

Visual effects Alain Clément & Patrick Theunen

Digital crochet coral reef animation Clara Sobrino

Process witch Isabelle Stengers

Producer Ellen Meiresonne

Co-producer Olivier Marboeuf, Javier Packer-Comyn

Associate producer Fabien Siouffi

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Beursschouwburg

Atelier Graphoui (Bruxelles)

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Spectre Productions (Rennes), CBA – Centre de l’audiovisuel (Bruxelles), Fabbula (Barcelonne), Rien à Voir (Bruxelles)

Withe the support of
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