Film Craft 107: The Location Sound Mixer – 8. Operating a Boom Mic

Film Craft 107: The Location Sound Mixer – 8. Operating a Boom Mic

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Film Craft 107: The Location Sound Mixer by Michael Wohl
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Capturing sound for film is tremendously difficult at best. Imagine two actors, in dialog, walking down a busy traffic-filled street surrounded by camera crew, lighting and lots of other audio distractions! Its complicated. Its expensive to shoot. The director is intense and shes depending on you to make sure that the dialog is recorded as pristinely as possible! Still want to be a location sound recordist? Well, Michael Wohl is here to show you the techniques you need to know to get the job done right!

In this course, you learn all about recording audio for video and film. Recording begins with the microphone and Michael shows you, with tons of visual examples, everything you need to know! You learn all about mic placement, camera audio settings and all the different types of mics that youll need to capture audio in all kinds of on-set or location recording situations.

Next, you learn the ins and outs of the art of field recording. Michael shows you how to operate a boom and a wireless system. You see basic boom techniques and also how to stealthily wire the talent to capture the best audio possible. Now imagine having to run multiple mics with multiple recording systems! It can get really complicated!

Whether youre the director or the audio recordist, this course is required viewing if youre looking to understand the complexities of audio on the set! By the time you finish this course, you will have a deep education in location sound techniques that you can rely on to get you through any shoot!
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