Film look – Affordable LED lamp for night scenes

Film look – Affordable LED lamp for night scenes

How is it possible to achieve the nice film look outside during the night, without access to power outlets for your lamps? In this video we will show you how.

The Aputure Amaran HR672C led lamp, with two batteries and a gorilla pod can replace all your heavy gear. It has a wheel for adjusting colour temperature, a dimmer wheel for adjusting the brightness and a diffusion filter to soften the light. The Led lamp is quite robust, so you don’t need a big suitcase for it.

When filming outside during the night, you might get enough light from street lamps, but it limits your area of filming, and you would need a really light sensitive camera, like the canon 5D mark iii which we are using in this video. By gaining the ISO, which makes the sensor inside the camera more light sensitive, your image will get brighter, however you will get a lot of noise which kills the film look. So instead of gaining the ISO, you could use the Amaran led lamp. Attach it to a tree with the gorilla pod, and point it towards your subject. It makes it look more filmatic.

We wanted too see if it was possible to create a filmatic short film outside at night, carrying only a camera and the Amaran led lamp attached to the gorilla pod. Take a look at the result also in this video.

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