Filmmaking Shot List: How Matt Komo Plans a 24-Hour Shoot

Filmmaking Shot List: How Matt Komo Plans a 24-Hour Shoot

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We teamed up with adventurer and filmmaker Matt Komo, to find out how he keeps his projects organized while on the move.

In this video, Matt walks us through production on his latest campaign: How We Do Time for MVMT watches, and how he uses StudioBinder’s shot list feature to keep it all together.

What is a shot list?

Matt doesn’t wait for the salt & sand to wash-off before planning his final cut. He starts his process by building a shot list template.

A shot list is a breakdown of the elements of each shot during production: timecode, shot, camera, shot size, equipment, lens and location. Shot lists are used to keep track of everything recorded during a shoot. They are also used to organize recorded footage for post-production sequencing.

Want to learn more about shot lists and how to keep your production organized?

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