Free Cinematic LUTs from Hollywood Films

Free Cinematic LUTs from Hollywood Films

Make the look of your films stand out with these free cinematic LUTs:

Inspired from such Hollywood Films as Drive, Max Max: Fury Road and Moonrise Kingdom after getting your film to a good base correction you can easily apply these film looks to your project to give it a big budget look.

Skip to the timestamp for your software version:

Adobe Premiere – 01:47
DaVinci Resolve – 03:24
Final Cut Pro X – 04:57
Cinema Grade – 06:19

In this video I demonstrate how to install and apply various LUT presets for converting Log footage to Rec709 for specific cameras to get your footage to a good starting point. How to apply film stock emulations for imitating the look of Kodak and Fuji film print stocks and how to apply a variety of cinematic LUT presets from major Hollywood films.

Install location for Premiere Pro:
Mac file path:  /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/LUTs
Windows file path: Program FilesAdobeCommonLUTs
Copy “Log to Rec709” LUTs to Technical folder.
Copy “Film Looks” & “Looks” LUTs to Creative folder.

Install location for DaVinci Resolve:
Mac file path: Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/LUT
Windows file path: C:ProgramDataBlackmagic DesignDaVinci ResolveSupportLUT
Copy all folders to this location

Install location for Final Cut Pro X:
Go to Finder then “Go” menu hold down option to reveal “Library”
then /Application Support/ProApps/Custom LUTs
Copy all folders to this location

Other things mentioned in the video:

Cinema Grade for Mac:
1 Hour online grading workshop:

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