Getting Started in VR | Live Training | Unreal Engine

Getting Started in VR | Live Training | Unreal Engine

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Zak Parrish is back on the livestream with even more info on getting started with you UE4 project! This time he’s talking about getting started with VR based on Andrew Hurley’s ECGC talk, with extra commentary, examples and a live Q&A at the end! With all of these tools, updates and console commands to learn about, even virtual veterans can pick up some new tricks.

[00:03:57]Getting Started with VR in UE4
[00:31:19]VR Best Practices
[00:39:33]Common Pitfalls
[00:44:20]Using VR Editor Mode

Power Point: %2F2017%2FApr24%2FGetting-Started-with-VR-in-Unreal-Engine-4-c6dc05a433fc840dde74de66da99b4cbb8710f38.pptx

Links from presentation


2015 UE4 – VR and Unreal Engine –
•Making Bullet Train and Going off the Rails in VR –
•VR Bow and Arrow Tutorial w/ Ryan Brucks – Training Livestream –
•Training Livestream – Sam and Wes’ VR Stream: Cameras, Multiplayer, Tips and Tricks! –
•Creating Interactions in VR with Motion Controllers 1-3 –
•Setting Up VR Motion Controllers –
•VR Networking and 3D Menus –
•Up and Running with Gear VR –
•Developing for VR –
•Integrating the Oculus Rift into UE4 –


•UE4 VR – Niklas Smedberg –
•Going Off The Rails: The Making of Bullet Train –
Tom Looman’s Getting Started with VR in Unreal Engine 4 –

Starting Out:

•Oculus Quick Starts –
•SteamVR Quick Start –
•Google VR Quick Start –
•Gear VR Quick Starts –

VR Platforms

•Samsung Gear VR Development –
•Google VR Development –
•Oculus Rift Development –
•SteamVR Development –

VR Topics:

•VR Cheat Sheets –
•VR Best Practices –
•Motion Controller Component Setup –
•VR Camera Refactor –

VR Editor Starting Out:

•Activating VR Mode –

VR Editor Guides:

•Setting Up VR Editor from GitHub –
•Navigating the World in VR Mode –
•Working with Actors in VR Mode –

VR Editor Reference:

VR Editor Controls –
Quick Select Menu –
Radial Menu –
Transforming Actors in VR –
Editor Windows in VR Mode – l


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