Golden Globe nominees walk the red carpet on eve of awards show

Golden Globe nominees walk the red carpet on eve of awards show

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood were doing the rounds in Los Angeles on Saturday (January 4), attending parties and luncheons the day before the Golden Globes awards ceremony.

The BAFTA Tea Party, hosted by the British Film and Television Academy, was the hottest ticket in town with major awards season contenders such as Robert De Niro, Antonio Banderas, Pedro Almodovar and Taron Egerton walking the red carpet.

Almodovar, whose movie ‘Pain and Glory’ is nominated for the Golden Globe in the Best Foreign Film category, heaped praise on his leading actor and longtime collaborator Antonio Banderas, who is also nominated.

“I am very happy that the film (Pain and Glory) is nominated (for a Golden Globe) and especially that Antonio (Banderas) is nominated because the Golden Globes don’t normally nominate actors from foreign films. So, it really makes me happy because the movie really all is Antonio,” said Almodovar.

Actor Taron Egerton, who takes on Elton John in the biopic ‘Rocketman’ and is nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in Musical or Comedy, said he has become close to the legendary singer while making the movie.

“We speak a lot. I mean it is lovely. You know, I spoke to him this morning and I am seeing him later today and yeah, he is really excited. You know, it is a huge thing for both of us, having a movie made about your life I mean even for an icon like Elton, I’m sure it is a profoundly strange thing and I think it has meant a lot to him as it has to me. So, to get these nominations, it is just such an amazing crystallization of a wonderful experience. It is a lovely way to cap it all off,” said Egerton.

Laura Dern, who is nominated in the best supporting actress category for her turn in “Marriage Story,” said awards season in Hollywood was an opportunity to catch up with collaborators and people “you love.”

“To get to be with people you love, in a room with people you care so deeply about collaborating with. In the case of tomorrow, I’m there with my Big Little Lies family, with my Little Women family and with my Marriage Story family so it will be a wonderful thing to get to celebrate everybody’s hard work Noah’s (Baumbach) incredibly beautiful film,” she said.

Asian-American actress and comedian Awkwafina, who is nominated for the critically lauded ‘The Farewell,’ explained why she thought the film had resonated with so many people.

“I think that what was really kind of uniting about the film is that people thought about their own grandmas, people thought about their own families, immigrant or not. And I think that people might have had a similar background were also moved because, you know, it hits close to home and very rarely do we see movies that represent that kind of thing,” she said.

Celebrities attending the Golden Globes on Sunday are expected to include nominees Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Eddie Murphy and Al Pacino for movies and television shows that range from “The Irishman” and “Two Popes” to “Bombshell” and “The Crown.”


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