GoPro Hero 8 Cinematography: 4 Tips You Have Never Heard (promised)

GoPro Hero 8 Cinematography: 4 Tips You Have Never Heard (promised)

I show you 4 tips you have never heard to make more cinematic GoPro (Hero 8) videos.

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In this video I am showing you, how you can make more cinematic GoPro (Hero 8) videos:

Tip 1: Surprise
Surprising GoPro (Hero 8) shots are a great way to hook your viewers or your friends. You probably know those typical GoPro Hero 8 selfie shots; you can see them in almost every cinematic GoPro Hero 8 travel video. I show you how you can improve those selfie GoPro shots with a surprising moment in your GoPro video, so your GoPro Hero 8 travel videos will look more attractive and cinematic.

Tip 2: Filmmaking skills
Most of the GoPro users use their GoPro Hero 8 for travel videos and they think, if they travel to nice places that’s already enough to make cinematic GoPro videos. I actually also was thinking like that, but it’s just not true.
During 10 years I then had to develop my GoPro filmmaking skills and now I am able to make great and cinematic GoPro Hero 8 (travel) videos. That’s why I now created the Action Cam Masterclass course (an online GoPro filmmaking course), so you don’t have to spend several years of trial and error like I did. In the video I tell you much more about my GoPro filmmaking course.
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Tip 3: Copy
Copying other filmmakers is a great way, to make your GoPro Hero 8 videos look more cinematic. I show you a GoPro transition as an example, to make everything clear. Most important for this point is, that you not only try to copy the idea, but also change it to your own style or even improve it. This makes your GoPro Hero 8 videos look the most cinematic.

Tip 4: Photography
If you develop certain GoPro photography skills you can use them for your videos as well. Composition is really important in cinematic GoPro Hero 8 (travel) videos and you learn to take well composed GoPro Hero 8 videos the most efficiently by taking well composed GoPro photos. In GoPro photos composition is even more important than in GoPro videos. So if you know how to take great and well composed GoPro pictures you will have it easy to make well composed and cinematic GoPro Hero 8 videos.
If you also know how to color correct your GoPro photos you also have an advantage learning how to color correct your GoPro Hero 8 videos. Color corrected GoPro Hero 8 videos just look way better and helps you to get a cinematic end result for your GoPro Hero 8 (travel) videos.

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