GoT Reaction Shots: Shooting the Film Coverage You Need [Game of Thrones Scene Study]

GoT Reaction Shots: Shooting the Film Coverage You Need [Game of Thrones Scene Study]

Understand Reaction Shots in Film & TV ►►

Planning your reaction shots and shooting film coverage are important for any director, but the clock is always against you in filmmaking, so how do you plan the best reaction shots film coverage?

This video breaks down reaction shots from Game of Thrones, and gives you filmmaking tips on directing and film coverage so that your scenes have everything they need.

Don’t shoot another frame until you know these helpful directing techniques for reaction shots and film coverage. You will need to know about this before your next project.

Game of Thrones may have dragons and a big budget, but their reaction shots and film coverage are often what allows viewers to connect to the story. They make full use of their filmmaking techniques and know how to shoot a scene with great reaction shots.

This video will teach you how to get those Game of Thrones reaction shots, how to get a full scene and film coverage, and how to use filmmaking tips, and the best editing techniques so that your project gets the best reaction from the viewer.

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