HARD CUTS // Film Editing Techniques Part 1

HARD CUTS // Film Editing Techniques Part 1

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Ep.1 Hard Cuts
Hard cuts are the basic editing technique, technically a form of transition but i think its much easier to consider a hardcut as lacking a transition which is what gives it a hard edge and a hard name, but it is nonetheless a way of transitioning form one shot to another. One image is replaced by another. As an editor this is the shot to the right of the current clip in your timeline, also known as the incoming shot, as apposed to the outgoing shot (the current shot).

Disclaimer and Function:
This series is intended to be an offered opinion about universal application of different and common editing techniques and their apparent and desired effects, which is by no means definitive in its explanations. In this, whilst I am covering techniques, their use and discussing their functions, there are obviously examples in mainstream and indie films that will employ these techniques for an alternative effect and response. The most important thing that you can take away from this series, in addition to the potential accumulation of familiar technique to response relationships, is the consideration of the audience and the way they will interpret what you put on the screen, which is foremost not what you instantly assume to be the resulting effect.

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