Her Night Before Christmas // A Redwood Peak & Minority Productions Cinematic Film

Her Night Before Christmas // A Redwood Peak & Minority Productions Cinematic Film

Redwood Peak Films & Minority Productions present:


As a regular school girl, Abbie Richardson opens a party invite that she shouldn’t have opened. Finding herself stuck at the mall with no friend in sight, she orders an uber to get to the party; little did she know, this was going to be the ride of her lifetime.

Madison Flores as Abbie Richardson
Ellington Simmons as Monti
Jag Reivers as Colleen
Christian Zapata as Javier
Tobey Ho as Steven
Alisha Kilbane as Party Girl

Director: Christian Zapata
Writers: Christian Zapara & Tyler Griffin
Producers: Christian Zapata & Richard Lightfoot
Director Of Cinematography & Camera Operator: Tyler Griffin
Assistant Camera Operator: Colleen McPhillips
Director of Photography: Riley Krieg
Editor: Tyler Griffin
Original Score: Micangelo Ferrante
Makeup Artist & Design: Sophia Solis
Graphic Designer: Riley Krieg
Boom Operator: Javier Martinez
Slate: Riley Krieg (Alisha Kilbane, Jesus Martinez)

Sean Durmick
Brian Lira
Alisha Kilbane
Sean Velasco
Zane Hyatt
Riley Krieg
Javier Martinez
Noen Perez
Jesus Martinez
Skylor Delgato

a lil something from me –
I have to give a huge thank you & a virtual hug to everyone who was involved in the making of this student film; being a part of seeing this vision come to life has been such an experience, and it really couldn’t have been ANY better. Yes, there were (very) late nights, cancellations, chaotic mishaps and strenuous hikes, it was all worth it to say the least. I love all of you, and again, thank you for being the best lovelies :’)


Main camera – Canon Rebel T2i
Crappy old camera – Canon Powershot S3 IS
Colleen’s camera – Canon EOS SL2
Drone – Phantom DJI Spark
MAIN LENS – Helios 44M-4 8mm F2 Lens
OTHER MAIN LENS – Canon 85mm F1.8
Fisheye lens – Rokinon 8mm F3.5 Fisheye Lens
Zoom lens – Canon EF 70-300mm F/4-5.6 IS USM Zoom Lens
Old lens – Helios 44-2 58mm F2 Lens

MY MAIN LENS: Helios 44M-4 58mm f2 lens



If you want me to make a film for a song you’re gonna release, I’d love to collaborate with you. Simply, make sure to ask me what you desire with specifications (i.e. editing style (if needed), filming style, locations, etc.) The same requirements apply for any filming/editing requests you have with any specific songs you want, or any events that you would be attending. My schedule is quite busy, as I’m still in school; negotiating times and schedules are necessary.

Thank you all for the support & the best days ahead of all of you,
-Tyler Griffin, Husky, Redwood Peak

Stay Well.