High Angle Shots: 3 Towering Types of Camera Angles

High Angle Shots: 3 Towering Types of Camera Angles

The Best High Angle Shot Examples 👉👉

In today’s video, we explain a high angle shot definition and we show you the best high angle shot examples that range from subtle to extreme, and we break down when you should use one of the most versatile shots from you list of camera angles.

We’ll also break down the different emotions one can elicit with the high camera angle.

That way, you can add this camera technique to your cinematic arsenal for 2018.

If you’ve ever had a desire to improve your filmmaking, you will want to pay attention to the various camera angles that can be used during a scene. You cannot list the types of camera angles without the high angle camera shot.

Sad to say that the high angle camera shot is a severely underutilized camera angle in film.

As far as camera angles and shots go, a high angle shot is one of the best camera angles in filmmaking available to you. How you use it can make or break your scene.

There are 3 different types of high angle camera shots:

Narrative driven is a type of high angle camera shot that conveys information germane to the story. You can show off a location, or something you wouldn’t be able to see unless you had a high vantage point.

You want these to be as invisible as possible.

Emotionally driven high angle camera shots often make use of the visceral high angle shot.

This is used to induce a sense of vertigo, and danger in the viewer. The severity of the angle is one of the main differences, and its extreme nature makes us feel uneasy and anxious.

Character driven high angle camera shots are designed to make a character seem smaller, weaker, and more vulnerable. The idea is to place you inside a character who is in jeopardy, who is on the run, or in immediate danger.

We go even further in the video, so start watching and learn more about high angles today!

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