Hitfilm Express 12 Tutorial – Designed for Beginners

Hitfilm Express 12 Tutorial – Designed for Beginners

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HitFilm Express 12 is a powerful and FREE video editor. This video tutorial will show beginners how to use HitFilm Express 12 from start to finish. Learn Hitfilm Express 12 to avoid spending any money. Check out the list of lessons that are covered in this HitFilm Express 12 tutorial. This is a great video editor for your YouTube videos!

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1:17 new project
3:02 import media
4:30 organize media
6:37 preview and layout
8:06 trim clip and bring to editor timeline
11:17 understanding video tracks
14:18 unlink video and audio in Hitfilm Express 12
15:10 trim and edit clips in Hitfilm Express 12
19:19 clip duration (speed up/ slow down)
20:37 fit to frame and transform video
23:11 bring in images and audio/adjust audio
26:13 add video transitions in Hitfilm Express
27:57 adding text to Hitfilm Express
29:21 add visual effects to clips
30:59 using green screen in Hitfilm Express
33:23 saving and exporting the video

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